Changes Hairstyling and City Spa


French Manicure $25
Classic Manicure $22 Overlay from $35 from $45
Buff & Polish $20 Full Set from $45 from $55
Polish Change (hands only) $12 Fill In from $25 from $30

Derma Peel Manicure $32
A traditional classic manicure that includes a hand peel to help minimize the appearance of sun damaged spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation; and a Phyto-Endorphin Hand Cream to infuse the skin with vital protective and antioxidants. Home care recommended for best results.

Shellac Manicure, Classic $45, French $50
Zero Dry time, 14-day wear, on like polish. Wears like gel, off in minutes.

Hydrating Manicure $32
A traditional classic manicure with a deep moisturizing warm paraffin treatment and a relaxing massage to the elbows.

Sports Manicure $27
A manicure for men that includes cuticle treatment, nail clipping, buffing the rough spots and hydrating dry areas with a warm paraffin treatment; followed by a soothing hand massage.

Therapeutic Pedicure (75 Minutes) $90
Our 45-minute pedicure treatment incorporates a 30-minute Reflexology with a Certified Massage Therapist. Perfect for those who are hard on their feet.

60-Minute Pedicure $65
Basic cleanup, foot filing, scrub, foot massage, polish, and your choice of one of the following: Paraffin/Callus Eliminator • Mask/Callus Eliminator • Mask/Paraffin Hands.

45-Minute Pedicure $50
Basic cleanup, foot filing, scrub, polish, and your choice of one of the following: Foot Massage • Mask.

30-Minute Pedicure $35
Basic cleanup, light foot filing, and polish

Princess Joy Pedicure ~ 8 & under $30
Classic pedicure in a pink throne chair, hand polish included. One Princess at-a-time!

Sports Pedicure $50
Foot detailing for men includes relaxing foot soak, callus removal, cuticle treatment and nail trimming, followed by soothing foot massage and a warm moisturizing paraffin treatment.