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Body Treatments

Bamboo Scrub (30 Minutes) $65
To give skin a refined exfoliation; replenishes and stimulates skin while lifting away dead skin cells, leaving skin refreshed, hydrated and polished.
Personalize your Bamboo Scrub by adding any of the following 5 Nude Therapies to achieve specific results. (must specify desired options when scheduling appointment).

  • Omega 6 EFA - $10
    Omega 6 and Vitamin D help increase skin thickness and slows down aging, with anti-inflammatory and hydrating benefits.
  • Peel Cream or Ultra Exfole - $10
    A blend of all five AHA's adds replenishing elements to the skin tissue while antioxidants and nourishing vitamins provide firming, toning, and rejuvenating effects.
  • Energizing Peptide Spritz - $10
    A specially delivered combination of anti-aging peptides that recondition collagen and elastin fibers helping to alleviate deep wrinkles and skin sag.
  • Bio Reform 28 - $20
    A highly multi-functional body therapy that attends to the needs of body tissue like no other product on the market. A revolutionary formula that protects, prevents and corrects even the most challenging body re-texturing demands while improving skin function and heightening capillary uptake.

Ultimate 5 Body Treatment (60 Minutes) - $120
Finally a cosmeceutical treatment for the most sophisticated body-care client. Luxury treatment created with Bamboo Scrub and all 4 Nude Therapies to address multiple skin concerns including skin cell turnover, firming and toning, detoxifying and anti-cellulite actions.

Mini Body Retreat $95
Body Bamboo Scrub followed by a 30-minute massage session.

Intensive Exfoliating Back Facial (45-Minute) $75
Deeply cleanses and purifies oily or broken out skin.

(Shaving or waxing not recommended on the day of your body treatment)

Body Massage

30-minute Session $45 · 60-Minute Session $75 · 90 Minute-Session $105

The art of massage is a lot more than making your body feel good. There are different methods of massage. Some combine together to give you the best results for your body’s needs. Depending on the session you select, your Massage Therapist will help you choose one of the following types of massages:

Once over Easy- A quick version of our relaxing massage.

Swedish- This session works the reflex points of the hands and feet, relieving stress, finishing off with a relaxing massage of the head, neck and back.

Therapeutic- This massage is recommended for specific areas of discomfort.

Sports/Deep Tissue- For the aspiring athlete or one who overuses the body.

Hot Stone Massage- Bring balance back into your body! Eliminate toxins from the body by releasing minerals from the hot Balsa stones to help replenish the body with natural earth energy properties and essential nutrients.

Pregnancy Massage- Helps ease muscular tension in the lower back area and leg swelling associated with pregnancy. A side lying position allows for a comfortable and safe means of achieving deep relaxation for you and your baby! Pregnancy Pillow available.

Couples Massage- For a Special Occasion or Just Because. Choose session desired and we’ll take care of the rest. Performed in the same room.

20-Minute Rest Stop - $25
A fully clothed massage to relax your overstressed back, neck and shoulder muscles.

Reflexology (30-minutes) · $45
A relaxing foot treatment, incorporating massage and acupressure to relieve stress. Finished with a warm paraffin treatment and hand massage.